Thursday, September 01, 2005

To start off, I'd just like to ask why is it acceptable for people to ask me why I am single? I get asked this surprisingly frequently. I mean, really. What do you want/expect me to say? The best answer anyone has yet to come up with is because I've yet to find a guy who interests me. I guess that's true. Just know how amazingly irritating I find that question, and also know I probably won't be able to answer it if you ask me.

So anyway, I'm watching "The Life Aquatic" right now. It's half pretty good, half blah. Maybe I'm not paying enough attention right now. It does have Jeff Goldblum in it though, and for some reason he amuses me. He always reminds me of Jurassic Park. Good movie.

Catherine and I were thwarted in our attempt to get John Mayer tickets. Booo. I have a feeling if I want even half a chance to see anyone really cool while on the East Coast except the guy who drives the Mature Sex, they need to be going through big venues, and I need to have fast internet. Ha. Which kind of blows. We hopefully will be triumphant in getting tickets to the Foo Fighters/Weezer tour.

I tried on pumps today. Damn, I wish I had money. I have a wee bit left, and it took all my willpower to not buy them. Speaking of my utter lack of money, enough of this fake-jobness. I talked to some guy on Tuesday who said he would hire me next summer, and seemed like he would actually give me hours. Haha. Not that that helps me now. But anyway, I've given up. I have my crafty ways of procuring enough money to get what I need/some of what I want. For instance, I'll be dog-sitting next week. lol. No joke.

Asharae is back in town. :) Lyndsey is coming on the 6th. But they'll only be here for a week or so, and Abby will be leaving me soon. :( I might go visit my sister for a few days after that. It's too bad I held out hope for a job for this long, because I could have visited her for longer and do some Sex Party. But whatever.

So anyway, it's time for Conan now (with David Gray as a musical Does he have a new album I'm not aware of). Maybe I'll write more tomorrow... I feel like I'm forgetting something I was going to say... oh well.